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I love and support small businesses. MM Design was created to help these businesses reach their full potential. ​After being out of the coding business for a couple of years, I jumped back in when I heard how many of my small business-owning friends were struggling with their websites. Many of my friends had the same issue: they paid a lot of money to have a website built, but couldn't figure out how to make edits and changes on their own. Over time, their websites were extremely out-of-date and later abandoned, which meant they were losing out on a valuable asset for their business. ​I realized that some of the website builders their designers used required more tech knowledge than many of these artists and entrepreneurs possessed, and that the added expense of hiring someone year round to make changes was a huge financial concern. I've spent a lot of time researching the best "drag and drop" website builders, so that my clients can easily and confidently make changes or additions to any website I build for them. I want anyone I build for to have the freedom to make edits based on their business' needs without needing someone on a monthly retainer.  ​Unlike social media, a website gives your customer all the information they need in one place. It's a way for them to fully understand who you are and what you are about. It enables them to see your products, to find you at markets, to make plans based on your calendar, and other valuable information. How many times have you gone on social media to find information about a business, but the information wasn't to be found?


Hi, I'm Melissa, owner and lead designer of MM DESIGN.

I have a passion for fun, clean design and creating websites that are user-friendly. I range from the modern and clean to the colorful and over-the-top. I find inspiration all around me: movies, pop culture, music, dance, design, and art.

After working as a front-end developer for 20 years in Seattle, Los Angeles, and London, I decided that I wanted to focus on my own concepts by segueing into design: creating websites, product labels, logos, and more. 

Since COVID, I've been working in multiple places: Theresa NY, Richmond VA, and Raleigh NC. My clients range from London UK to Los Angeles CA and everywhere in between.

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